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Wilfredo Ventura
Ventura construction Inc

You are so creative, helping with design and logos. Very responsible, fast service and reasonable prices.

Jorge Pizarro
Town & Country Realty Group

You guys had made a difference in my business, thank you for your invaluable ideas. A truly professional support.

Carlos Orellana
C&C Locksmith

I have Creative Guys as the best in the busines, they are talented, I have a locksmith buisines and Creative Guys designs the letering on my trucks and have many compliments from customers about it. I recomend it to all my custombers wether it is for printing or designs.

Diana Cortijo
The World Bank Group

It has been an outstanding experience to work with Creative Guys USA for the past year and look forward to another year hopefully. Many a times, the work is extremely tight and we have thankfully had a lot less stress from Creative Guys USA with their flexible and friendly response to our urgent calls/contact. Our clients have always admired the creativity in design and we have been relieved from other stress by having the work delivered thereby saving our office time and hassle from dealing with other vendors. Many thanks guys!

Walter Pineda
Valpo Services Air conditioner & Heating

Our company has used Creative Guys USA since 2009. We have and will keep on trusting them for our business needs. They have done great jobs on everything; including our company vans which look amazing with our logo on them. They have helped our business tremendously. All of their work is very professional looking and not to mention they are friendly, honest, and cordial. They listen to us and understand our ideas and visions. We will definitely continue to use them for our business.

Dana Pupkar
Norbeck Animal Clinic

They always provide excellent service at an affordable price. Additionally they are very attentive and easy to work with. They provide high quality products. We often recommend them.